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We use the truth hidden in a single drop of blood to improve the quality of life and health across the globe. Our actions uncover the past and reveal the future. We help to understand the known and discover the unknown.

Cormay takes pride in its innovativeness, competitiveness and responsibility.

We protect LIFE,
because it IS A TREASURE


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Mythic TS - Quality with innovation

We give You standardized and repeatable staining with significant time saving for operator.

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URI TEX – urine strips & analyzer

We give You urine analysis system tailored for your needs.

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PZ CORMAY Spół‚ka Akcyjna wpisana w S±…dzie Rejonowym dla Warszawy w Warszawie, XIV Wydział‚ Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru S±dowego pod nr KRS:0000270105,
NIP: 1181872269, REGON: 140777556. Wysoko¶ć‡ kapitał‚u zakł‚adowego Spół‚ki: 31 861 977, 00 PLN, wysoko¶ć‡ kapitału wpł‚aconego Spół‚ki: 31 861 977, 00 PLN.