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We use the truth hidden in a single drop of blood to improve the quality of life and health across the globe. Our actions uncover the past and reveal the future. We help to understand the known and discover the unknown.

Cormay takes pride in its innovativeness, competitiveness and responsibility.

We protect LIFE,
because it IS A TREASURE


Paraclin® S NEW

New parasitology system in the offer. Smart way for detection of intestinal parasites

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Visit us at AACC 2017

August 1-3, Booth 515
San Diego Convention Center, USA



New quality in determination of Microalbumin due to second generation of reagent.

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CMEF 2017

We would like to thank our Business Partners and all attendees for successful time on exhibition in Shanghai.
Cormay presented clinical chemistry reagents line along with products dedicated to haematology.


NEW reagent in offer

New quality in determination of TIBC

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MEDLAB 2017 Dubai

LABORATORY EXHIBITION AND CONGRESS - MEDLAB 2017 was a great opportunity to present for the first time in this area, haematology analyzer Mythic 120 and Equisse analyzer dedicated to clinical chemistry.



NEW analyzer dedicated to clinical chemistry.
Perfect solution for small laboratories.

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KG 500  - coagulation analyzer

Fully automated with hight throughput routine assays and 7 measuremet channels. 

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PZ CORMAY Spół‚ka Akcyjna wpisana w S±…dzie Rejonowym dla Warszawy w Warszawie, XIV Wydział‚ Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru S±dowego pod nr KRS:0000270105,
NIP: 1181872269, REGON: 140777556. Wysoko¶ć‡ kapitał‚u zakł‚adowego Spół‚ki: 63 723 954, 00 PLN, wysoko¶ć‡ kapitału wpł‚aconego Spół‚ki: 63 723 954, 00 PLN.